Source code for nlp_architect.common.core_nlp_doc

# ******************************************************************************
# Copyright 2017-2018 Intel Corporation
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# ******************************************************************************
import json

[docs]def merge_punct_tok(merged_punct_sentence, last_merged_punct_index, punct_text, is_traverse): # merge the text of the punct tok if is_traverse: merged_punct_sentence[last_merged_punct_index]["text"] = \ punct_text + merged_punct_sentence[last_merged_punct_index]["text"] else: merged_punct_sentence[last_merged_punct_index]["text"] = \ merged_punct_sentence[last_merged_punct_index]["text"] + punct_text
[docs]def find_correct_index(orig_gov, merged_punct_sentence): for tok_index, tok in enumerate(merged_punct_sentence): if tok["start"] == orig_gov["start"] and tok["len"] == orig_gov["len"] and tok["pos"] == \ orig_gov["pos"] and tok["text"] == orig_gov["text"]: return tok_index return None
[docs]def fix_gov_indexes(merged_punct_sentence, sentence): for merged_token in merged_punct_sentence: tok_gov = merged_token['gov'] if tok_gov == -1: # gov is root merged_token['gov'] = -1 else: orig_gov = sentence[tok_gov] correct_index = find_correct_index(orig_gov, merged_punct_sentence) merged_token['gov'] = correct_index
[docs]def merge_punctuation(sentence): merged_punct_sentence = [] tmp_punct_text = None punct_text = None last_merged_punct_index = -1 for tok_index, token in enumerate(sentence): if token['rel'] == 'punct': punct_text = token["text"] if tok_index < 1: # this is the first tok - append to the next token tmp_punct_text = punct_text else: # append to the previous token merge_punct_tok(merged_punct_sentence, last_merged_punct_index, punct_text, False) else: merged_punct_sentence.append(token) last_merged_punct_index = last_merged_punct_index + 1 if tmp_punct_text is not None: merge_punct_tok(merged_punct_sentence, last_merged_punct_index, punct_text, True) tmp_punct_text = None return merged_punct_sentence
[docs]class CoreNLPDoc(object): """Object for core-components (POS, Dependency Relations, etc). Attributes: _doc_text: the doc text _sentences: list of sentences, each word in a sentence is represented by a dictionary, structured as follows: {'start': (int), 'len': (int), 'pos': (str), 'ner': (str), 'lemma': (str), 'gov': (int), 'rel': (str)} """ def __init__(self, doc_text: str = '', sentences: list = None): if sentences is None: sentences = [] self._doc_text = doc_text self._sentences = sentences @property def doc_text(self): return self._doc_text @doc_text.setter def doc_text(self, val): self._doc_text = val @property def sentences(self): return self._sentences @sentences.setter def sentences(self, val): self._sentences = val
[docs] @staticmethod def decoder(obj): if '_doc_text' in obj and '_sentences' in obj: return CoreNLPDoc(obj['_doc_text'], obj['_sentences']) return obj
def __repr__(self): return self.pretty_json() def __str__(self): return self.__repr__() def __iter__(self): return self.sentences.__iter__() def __len__(self): return len(self.sentences)
[docs] def json(self): """Returns json representations of the object.""" return json.dumps(self.__dict__)
[docs] def pretty_json(self): """Returns pretty json representations of the object.""" return json.dumps(self.__dict__, indent=4)
[docs] def sent_text(self, i): parsed_sent = self.sentences[i] first_tok, last_tok = parsed_sent[0], parsed_sent[-1] return self.doc_text[first_tok['start']: last_tok['start'] + last_tok['len']]
[docs] def sent_iter(self): for parsed_sent in self.sentences: first_tok, last_tok = parsed_sent[0], parsed_sent[-1] sent_text = self.doc_text[first_tok['start']: last_tok['start'] + last_tok['len']] yield sent_text, parsed_sent
[docs] def brat_doc(self): """Returns doc adapted to BRAT expected input.""" doc = {'text': '', 'entities': [], 'relations': []} tok_count = 0 rel_count = 1 for sentence in self.sentences: sentence_start = sentence[0]['start'] sentence_end = sentence[-1]['start'] + sentence[-1]['len'] doc['text'] = doc['text'] + '\n' + self.doc_text[sentence_start:sentence_end] token_offset = tok_count for token in sentence: start = token['start'] end = start + token['len'] doc['entities'].append(['T' + str(tok_count), token['pos'], [[start, end]]]) if token['gov'] != -1 and token['rel'] != 'punct': doc['relations'].append( [rel_count, token['rel'], [['', 'T' + str(token_offset + token['gov'])], ['', 'T' + str(tok_count)]]]) rel_count += 1 tok_count += 1 doc['text'] = doc['text'][1:] return doc
[docs] def displacy_doc(self): """Return doc adapted to displacyENT expected input.""" doc = [] for sentence in self.sentences: sentence_doc = {'arcs': [], 'words': []} # Merge punctuation: merged_punct_sentence = merge_punctuation(sentence) fix_gov_indexes(merged_punct_sentence, sentence) for tok_index, token in enumerate(merged_punct_sentence): sentence_doc['words'].append({'text': token['text'], 'tag': token['pos']}) dep_tok = tok_index gov_tok = token['gov'] direction = 'left' arc_start = dep_tok arc_end = gov_tok if dep_tok > gov_tok: direction = 'right' arc_start = gov_tok arc_end = dep_tok if token['gov'] != -1 and token['rel'] != 'punct': sentence_doc['arcs'].append({'dir': direction, 'label': token['rel'], 'start': arc_start, 'end': arc_end}) doc.append(sentence_doc) return doc